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A special thanks goes to the vtubers that assisted us with the assets preview posts.

If you want to be featured in the following vtuber credits list, make sure you're following us on
twitter. We will send you a request message if we believe your model fits the theme of the assets bundle we will be posting.

All of the promotion helpers will receive any product they desire for free through a 100% discount code that can only be used once and they will be added to the following list linking to their twitter accounts.

Vtuber Credits Stream Assets
VivdlyVivi VividlyASMR
Miaz Vtuber
Kisaka Toriama Vtuber
Ayuuchii ayuu_chii
Taroh Vtuber
Rina BunnyRina
Lilybelle Vtuber
Amaris Yuri
lilredfoxxi Vtuber
Phoebe chan feebeechan
Kyria Thanatos Vtuber
Erina chan desu
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